Seat Comparison - The Benefits of Our Toilet Seats Vs. Hygolet and Sani-Seat Hygenic Toilet Seats

Brill Hygienic Products offers state of the art technology that is incomparable. We are a special company that goes beyond Hygolet toilet seats because of our customer service and our great attention to detail. We are the only American manufacturer of automatic toilet seats, which means that we monitor our manufacturing very closely so that you get the best product. Other products like the Sani-Seat hygienic toilet seats may seem like they are the same product but our company is environmentally conscious in addition to keeping your pricing needs in mind.

Unlike Hygolet toilet seats, Brill Hygienic Products are not just about the sanitary aspect of automatic toilet seats. We are rather about the entire restroom experience of our clients and their customers. We want to make sure that our automatic toilet seats are the best experience and we back it up with a lifetime warranty that ensures any trouble you have, we fix! We make sure that your investment in upgraded restrooms is worth your time and money. You won’t find Hygolet toilet seats or Sani-Seat hygienic toilet seats in the news. Our automatic toilet seat covers have made newspapers and TV news shows across the nation!

We are sure that you won’t find an automatic toilet seat cover better than ours. We welcome you to give us a call whether you are a small gas station owner or a large country club because we know that your business will benefit greatly from having constantly clean restrooms. Our automatic toilet seat covers will improve your cleaning costs and impress all of your customers and visitors. As the only American manufacturer of automatic toilet seats, you can trust that you are getting high-quality products that meet rigorous demands and are directly approved by us.

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Hygolet and Sani-Seat Hygenic Toilet Seats